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I Need a New Scale

on April 4, 2013

I don’t want to complain (much) but these last 60 pounds are kicking my ass.  The weight came off soooo much more quickly and easily in the first months after weight loss surgery.  Now I feel like it’s all stop/start, lose a little then plateau, lose a little, flatten out.  At least I know from the changes in my clothing that I’m still losing inches and building muscle, but really.  It just plain sucks.  I want it gone and I want it gone now

For the next two weeks, I’m going to try to shake up my metabolism a bit by consuming more of a “full liquids” diet with less bulk solid food in meals.  Protein drinks, smoothies, no fat Greek yogurt, soups, sugar free gelatin — that kind of stuff which will still deliver the protein that I need without lots of carbs, sugar or fat.   This starts on Monday.  I’d start today but I’m involved in two days of business related functions away from home this weekend and I can’t control my food choices to this degree until I get back.

Before I start, I also need to break down and buy a new scale.  Mine is driving my nuts because it can vary two to six pounds depending on where I place my feet or if my weight is accurately centered.  I end up weighing myself three times in the morning and then taking whatever is the heaviest weight.   I bought the scale several years ago from a company that specialized in all sorts of products for obese and super obese people.  They had everything from airplane and car seat belt extenders to foot stools and beach chairs that bore more than 400 pounds without buckling to tools that assisted with maintaining good personal hygiene and dozens of other products that you probably don’t even think of needing unless you’re really, really overweight.

There are many scales on the market.  Many of them are not at all accurate if the person weighs more than 200 pounds.

I have many more options now and I think I can find a new scale at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  So I’m going to take a little shopping trip after my official activities are over.  This is the Florida Keys.  We have very few big box chain stores.  There isn’t even a BB&B in Key West where they at least have a Ross, Sears, Champs, and Pier One.  I have to go to Florida City, about 90 minutes away to find the BB&B, but that’s okay.  They also have a Petco so I can pick up some special stuff for the pups.  I might even stop into Kohl’s and entertain myself by seeing if there are clothes in their that I can fit into.  I’ve never shopped at Kohl’s before.

Saturday night is my graduation party from a seven month business-related program.  I have a sassy little black dress to wear that hits slightly above my knee and has a belt at the waist.  I’m psyched.  I bought the panty hose that I need to mask my “shrinkles” (Love that term, courtesy of Pink Pelican.)  I’m not even dressed in the outfit yet, but I feel excited and terrific.

Onward and upward, my friends!  I might be stalled in my efforts right now, but I am nowhere near defeated.  I will be victorious against these last 60 pounds.  On this I am determined!

7 responses to “I Need a New Scale

  1. Hope says:

    If you ever decide to splurge on a scale, I love my Withings scale. It’s wifi enabled, so it keeps track of your weight for you. And it has a 396 pound weight limit. http://www.withings.com/en/wirelessscale/faq

    I like it, because it forces me to be honest with myself. It keeps all of my weigh-ins for me, so I can very clearly see what the trend line is.

  2. Skye says:

    I think that breaking new boundaries is a good enough reason to get a new scale! And the dress sounds rockin’. I bet you look fantastic in it! Sorry that this last 60 lbs feels like it’s kicking your butt, but you can do it. Just more slowly than the first bit, it sounds like. You will succeed, of that I am sure!

  3. lunarmom says:

    I missed your last post, but had to chime in on the snacking issue. Oh hell yeah, this is totally my problem. And yes, like you, once I’m going, rational or not, I’m not stopping. I have no answer, but I do have a way to keep the temptation farther away, we live in a two-story house, so I put the most flagrant and loud articles the farthest distance from where I sit in the evening (it’s always evening, when I’m working). I am forced to walk many steps (up stairs) to reach the offenders.

    (who knows exactly what you’re talking about)

  4. I had gastric bypass surgery 3 years ago. Lost 120 pounds but have managed to put back on about 20… I remember thinking that it seemed to take forever to go down a size or two and then suddenly I seemed to go from a 26/28 to a 14 overnight…. A belted dress?! Oh yeah, did you ever think you would wear one?! I’m excited for you and yes, going back to stage 1 should help shake things up!!

    • Mary Stella says:

      Thanks, Sheri. I figure shaking things up can’t be bad and may do me a world of good. Congratulations on your weight loss. No, I never imagined wearing a belted dress, yet alone one that hits above the knee. Miraculous!

  5. kipper43 says:

    Mary you will get over this hurdle! It may be a little higher jump, but you plan and execute and succeed every time. I believe in you you believe in you and you will conquer! I love shopping Kohls! I can wear 18 in stuff and love to get workout clothes on sale. Have fun. Stay upbeat you are awesome🐬🐾

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