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on March 20, 2013

A co-worker and I went to a business organization meeting last night to accept a donation check.  Pictures were taken.  I just downloaded them to my computer, looked them over and thought how nice it is that I wasn’t trying to hide behind the oversized cardboard “check”.

I still have more photos to go through from the Hawaii trip but in thinking about photographs, I remembered how different my attitude was on the journey.  Now that I’ve lost so much weight, I don’t internally cringe when someone points a camera in my direction.  I wanted photos taken of me on the adventures we had in on our trip.  I like having the picture reminders of the good times we enjoyed and also remember that I was a full and active participant!

Such a different attitude, I can’t even tell you!  Prior to this weight loss, I haven’t really enjoyed seeing myself in pictures since as far back as 1997 and even then it’s not like I walked around thinking, “Camera!  Photo Op!  WOOHOO!”

For years I wanted to hide in back of people, or in back of anything.   When I was so overweight, it’s not like the “camera always adds five pounds” mentality that we hear so much about.  I was more like, “Oh my God, I don’t want this evidence, these reminders.”  I hated looking at myself and didn’t want anyone else to see me in photos either.

Enjoying photos and not having my first thought be, “Eww.  You’re so gross” is such a pleasure and an extremely welcome change.  It’s so much better to look at a photo, remember the good times, and be happy that I can see myself having fun.

3 responses to “Pictures

  1. Hope says:

    We all like seeing photos of you! 😉

  2. Susanne says:

    Ahhh, pictures. My mother-in-law hates having her picture taken for whatever reason. It means that we won’t have memories of different events when she’s gone. I find that sad. So, good on you for going full steam ahead with photos. They’re memory nudgers. And loved ones look at those pictures are reminded of the time, and it’s a flood of good feelings. So, I’m glad you’re feeling comfortable about the camera.

    Susanne, who has a huge nose and I don’t care. Okay, maybe a little bit, so I angle my face down instead of up… lol.

  3. Skye says:

    That’s terrific! I don’t like pictures of myself just because I don’t like the look of myself in photos. It’s wonderful that you now like to see yourself in photos and that they function as they should: reminders of events and experiences that you enjoyed, and pictures of yourself enjoying them! It’s an excellent attitude and I’m happy that you have reached that place.

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