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Adjusting My Mind

on March 10, 2013

Prior to going to the doctor last week, I had to fill out the new patient paperwork which included my current weight.  Last week I also went online to calculate my current body mask index (BMI).  In both instances, I incorrectly typed my weight as beginning with a three.

After several months, I still don’t instinctively remember that I weigh less than 300 pounds.   I step on the scale a few times a week.  You’d think that I’d be used to seeing 2 something.    In my own defense, I guess it isn’t too out there.  I weighed more than 300 pounds for decades.  Still, since I celebrated getting below that mark  and did so several months ago, I’m sort of surprised that I keep writing my weight wrong.

Sometimes when I stand before the mirror, I’m really surprised at how much thinner I look.  I’m happy to say that I haven’t suffered from “fat eyes”, that syndrome when I think I’m a lot bigger than I really am.  However, the new, ever improving body, isn’t something to which I’m yet accustomed.

I’ll get there; I believe this to be true.  There will come a day when my new body is “normal” to me.  I know I have months to go before I reach my goal weight.  After that, there will be several months, perhaps even a year, before I can have the “skin-ectomy” (My made up term.) to remove the excess skin.  So, I’m a long way way from the final product. 🙂  Again, I say, I’ll get there.

Physically, I’m a constant work in progress.  Mentally, I am too.  I made good progress this weekend with my shopping experiences.  Once I saw the smaller sizes that I was fitting into at one store, I never looked back.  I hit another store and went right for the smaller size, trying that one first.  I think I just need to build on each experience where I see, acknowledge and accept that I keep reducing in size.

As for remember this when I have to note my weight on electronic forms, it doesn’t matter if I slip and put in a 3.  I can always delete the error and reenter the right info!  It’s certainly an easy adjustment!

2 responses to “Adjusting My Mind

  1. Hope says:

    It’s hard to mentally adjust to dressing a body size/shape that you’re not used to. I find myself gravitating towards styles that would have looked good on me last year, but might not be so flattering these days.

    I think you should try some new styles while you’re grabbing the smaller sizes. You might be surprised to find that different cuts look good on you these days. Maybe go shopping with a friend and have them pick something out for you? I can’t always see what will look good on me, but other people can be a lot more objective about it.

  2. Susanne says:


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