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On the Path to Pretty

on March 7, 2013

I don’t like seeing gray in my hair.  I’ve had gray hair for years which means, of course, that I’ve colored my hair for years.  Each year there are more and more of the silver strands clumping up into my dark brown hair.  Blech.  The most obvious areas are the roots around my face and, obviously, down the part.

My hair grows fast so I go every four or five weeks for a color and shaping.  Since late last fall-early winter, I’ve embraced a completely different look for me.  For a few years I was going with a very straight hair look, including keratin protein treatments which reallllly straightened it out.  I have coarse, thick hair and it tends to frizz in the Florida humidity.  Now I’m embracing my natural waves and curls.  Actually, I’m doing stuff that enhances the curliness.  Much to my surprise, I’m loving it and so is pretty much everybody else.  I’ve had people ask me if I had a perm.  That’s how curly my hair can get.  A bonus to this style is that it is so easy to maintain.

When I straightened my hair I had to blow it dry whenever I washed it and then reinforce the straightening with a flat iron.  That all adds up to too much time.  I don’t love fussing with my hair at all.  With this style, I wash my hair, towel dry it, brush it and then scrunch in some foam meant for curls.  I can scrunch it as little or as much as I want to encourage the curls and waves.  Whatever the case, five minutes and I’m done.  I l-o-v-e the efficiency and results.

Tonight I had an appointment with my stylist   She applied the gray-covering color and, because the hairs around my temples are particularly stubborn, pressed rectangles of foil on top to strengthen the dye’s power.  For good measure, she sat me under heat lamps too.  I looked at myself in the mirror and burst out laughing.  My hair stuck out like Einstein’s, then I had the foil stuck on me and the heat lamps behind me made it look like antennae were growing from my head.  I looked like an alien.

Oh hell.  I have no pride.  Here.  See for yourself.


Auditioning for remake of My Favorite Martian?

Seriously, is there no end to how ridiculous we’ll allow ourselves to look in the name of vanity as we hike our way down the path to pretty?  I don’t know how anyone keeps a straight face, let alone carries on a conversation with someone when they look like they’re auditioning for the remake of My Favorite Martian. After the color processing and washing, Angelina, aka stylist extraordinaire, assessed the state of my style.  She snipped a little here and there, texturized a few areas and then worked in the styling foam.  A little bit of blowdrying and, voila, my ‘do was done.  We relocated to the waxing chair for some brow shaping, etc. before I left.  I can tell you that nothing makes me feel prettier than when I leave the salon after a hair appointment or my monthly mani-pedi indulgence.  One of these times, I should make plans to go out afterward instead of just heading home.  I was feeling particularly sassy and, at the same time, couldn’t stop laughing every time I thought about the “before” picture.  I honestly didn’t intend to post the picture on the blog.  Seriously, how many women want to put up a photo where they look ridiculous?  🙂  Just goes to show how comfortable I am with all of you.  In fairness to myself, however, once I decided to put up that picture, I thought I owed it to myself to also post an “after” picture.  Unfortunately, I just took it.  This means that it’s not only after the hair cut, but also after I’ve removed my contact lenses and my makeup.  Oh well.  At least my hair looks cute and curly, sans alien antennae.cutecut





8 responses to “On the Path to Pretty

  1. Hope says:

    I think you look great!

    I use this stuff called Jessi Curl to maintain my curls. It works really well. I have to order it off the internet.

  2. Nan says:

    You look fabulous, darlink! My hair is naturally straight as an arrow, so while you’re blowing dry and flat-ironing, I’m using hot rollers to give it a little interest. Ah well…you’re curls are cute as anything and you do look fantastic! Yay, you!!

  3. Gorgeous result! Gorgeous you!

  4. KarenB says:

    Hair is so Important, isn’t it? I’ve gone long and I’ve gone short, but it looks like hell in the in-between stage. I have very thick, mostly straight hair (which is great), except that it grows forward so if I grew it out and just let it do what it wanted I would look exactly like Cousin It. Short is just easier. Highlights are good since they help the extremely color-resistant grays blend in. At some point I’ll just have to let it go gray altogether. My girl child has curly hair of a beautiful dark blond with gold, but she detests the frizz. In a week or so she’s going in for the keratin treatment and is very excited about it.

    Yours looks totally cute all curly!

  5. Mary Stella says:

    You can do it, Skye. All of it! The scrunching foam product is by Deva Curl. Good luck with the activity, the packing, and everything!

  6. kipper43 says:

    Thanks for sharing the salon before and after. Absolutely needed a little laughter at this moment. I do remember how funny I look and how my hairdresser can keep a straight face! I remember trying to do highlights in college and my friend using a crochet hook thru a balk cap of holes! Ouch it hurt and looked rediculous! You look great by the way! You hair style and face really truly looks great and younger too!

  7. Skye says:

    Very nice! You and your hair look terrific and I totally relate to the comical before picture, as I color my hair too, albeit on my own at home.

    After years of embracing the curliness and waviness that have grown ever greater in my hair, I’ve gotten it cut in a style more suited to being straightened, which means product and blow-drying, things I’m not terribly good at. But it’s fun having a different look. I’m also going to experiment with different ways to get my hair straighter to see how low-maintenance I can go. I’ll also try scrunching it to see how curly I can get it and see if that looks good because simply combing it out while wet and letting it air dry makes it blah.

    I did not walk or dance again. I forgot. I must put up a reminder. I think doing that kind of activity will help with my stress. The move is rapidly approaching!

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