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Quick Bits

on March 5, 2013

I’m more tired than usual tonight. So much so that I’m too lazy to turn on my computer.

It’s been a good day. I fulfilled my activity commitment beginning with a brisk walk with the dogs, practicing Tai Chi at work with a co-worker, and ending with a full hour class.

My right knee’s complaining a bit so I’m treating it to some ice.

I can’t decide whether to treat myself by taking a hot bath or by going to bed early. Decisions decisions.

I well remember nights when I’d come home from a day at work that was more physically strenuous than usual. My entire body ached, twinged, and downright hurt. I’d swallow 800mgs of Motrin, flop in my recliner and whine.

At least now when I ache it’s because I exercised and, ultimately, did some good for my body. I’m careful not to push myself to the point where I damage my joints.

Previously, I was in pain just from trying to keep up with the requirements of my job. That’s not a good or happy way to live.

This way is so much better.

3 responses to “Quick Bits

  1. Hope says:

    Nicely done! If I had your bathtub, I’d treat myself to a bath. Like… every singe night. :p

  2. Skye says:

    Good for you! I think it’s a better ache when it’s from doing actual exercise of some sort, especially if you enjoyed it.

    I walked very briskly around both floors of the mall today after my haircut. So maybe 20 minutes of walking all told.

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