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More Maui

on February 12, 2013

Since we expended a fair amount of energy by snorkeling and our other activities yesterday, we had another fairly early night. This means I was ready to get out of bed this morning before 7.

I had planned for this probability by gathering exercise clothes and putting them where I could find them without turning on the light. By 7 am I was dressed down to my sneaks. I grabbed my iPod and headed out.

While I’ll walk on a treadmill if that’s my best option, I’d rather walk somewhere. Today somewhere meant Deck 6 out in the fresh air which was far preferable to the gym facilities. The ship conveniently posts the info that one lap is equal to xxxxx feet so three laps around the ship gave me a mile of exercise.

We’ve used the steps more than the elevator. We almost always walk down to lower decks. Greater than half the time I’ve also walked up.

I’m really trying hard to keep up with my physical activity while away. I was very disappointed to learn that there aren’t any Zumba classes on board but I’m making do. Tomorrow we have an excursion that includes a three mile hike.

Today we went to Lahaina and out on a 30ish foot inflatable boat to whale watch. Again it was incredible with several mom-calf pairs and other humpbacks all around.

Sorry you’ll have to wait to see photos of the whales. You’ll have to settle for one of a giant banyan tree and one of me looking like a tourist.

One response to “More Maui

  1. Hope says:

    A year ago, did you think that you’d be sad to not be able to take Zumba? What an amazing journey you’ve been on!

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