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Immune System Support

on February 2, 2013

Sorry that I missed posting for a couple of days.  I started feeling a cold coming on Thursday afternoon and by evening, when I usually write the blog, I was so tired that I couldn’t string thoughts together for a post.  Yesterday I felt even worse, to the point that I had to bail early on a program session in the afternoon.  I came home and went to bed for three hours.  Woke up, drank some soup, and spent a couple of hours in the recliner dozing off and on before I finally went back to bed at 9.  Although I got up a few brief times during the night, I slept solidly the rest of the time right through until 7 a.m.  I skipped Tai Chi class this morning, went to the store to get a couple of things I needed, and am now taking it easy at home.

By taking it easy I mean that I’ll do a chore and then rest.  I had to put the cover on the pool because I’ll be gone for almost two weeks and the cover cuts down on water evaporation.  Normally this is a clumsy job but not all that strenuous.  Today I needed a 20 minute recovery period after finishing.  Argh.

Looking on the bright side of things, if I had to get a cold, at least it was this week and not next when I’m actually traveling.  I also don’t have a lot of tasks to accomplish this weekend other than beginning to pack.  So, I can do what I need to and also rest as necessary.  I am certain that by Wednesday, when my travels begin, I’ll be fine and ready to go!

This brings me to thinking about immune systems.  All in all, I think I’ve been blessed with a pretty strong one.  I rarely get colds or the nasty bugs that cause stomach or gastrointestinal reactions.  Considering how many years I punished my body with excess weight, you’d think that I would have been more prone to sickness.  Hang on a second while I knock on some wood.

Along with eating for weight loss, in the last several months I’ve also focused on making choices that are healthier overall.  I buy more organic fruits and vegetables.  I read labels.  I honestly want to be healthier from the inside out.  This includes wondering how to support my immune system so that it remains strong and/or gets stronger.  A friend of mine was recently told by her accunpuncturist to add wheatgrass to her diet.  Apparently it’s a super green food that supports overall health and immunity.

I’m into incorporating more greens into my diet and it’s hard to do with the protein needs that come first.  There isn’t a lot of room left in my stomach for salad and veggies right now.  I’ve taken to adding a handful of baby greens or baby spinach into smoothies anyway so what could this hurt?   I stopped into the health food store and bought some wheatgrass powder today that I can add to juice or smoothies.   We’ll see.

Are any of you into immune system support?  Are there any products or practices that you’ve tried and swear helped you?  What are some of the things you’ve done to enhance your health?

5 responses to “Immune System Support

  1. Hope says:

    I used to work at an organic cafe. We made wheatgrass shots on-site. They were pretty fun to make… we’d have trays of the fresh grass and we would cut a handful off and then juice it. It smells terrible, though! And it’s not very tasty. Most people would have something else to drink as a chaser afterwards. The people who got it regularly swore by it. I guess it has a lot of veggie goodness in one potent little shot.

  2. Oops, I almost forgot… Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with honey (1 TBS each) in a tall glass of water. Apple Cider Vinegar helps to keep your system balanced (acid to alkaline) which helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

    • Mary Stella says:

      Thanks for all the great tips, Marti. We’ve come a long way from daily lunches of PB & J or bologna and cheese on white bread. 🙆

      • Anonymous says:

        And thank God for that! Altho I have to admit, your mom made some amazing lunches! Haha I can remember how surprised I was that there was something besides PB&J for lunch…. LOL

  3. Hey Mary! Sorry you’re under the weather – hope you’re feeling back to normal soon!
    I’m big on immune system support. I take Olive Leaf Extract every day along with Vitamin A, C, D and E. If I’m feeling like something’s trying to over take me, or when EVERYONE around me is sick, I will take Source Naturals’ Wellness Formula (6 pills 2x/day). I also take Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance – one scoop a day in OJ about a half hour after eating. It’s LOADED with goodness and doesn’t taste bad. You can also buy wheatgrass juice in frozen cubes and just add a cube to your daily smoothie (Whole Foods has it)
    Good luck!

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