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Catching Up

on January 14, 2013

I took Pyxi in for a blood draw today so they could test her thyroid function.   We found out that her thyroid is underperforming and, all things considered, if there had to be a medical reason, this is the best outcome.  The doctor prescribed a supplement and, hopefully, it shouldn’t take long for us to see improvement.   She needs to lose at least five pounds.  We’ll continue with the exercise and not overfeeding her treats.  By the time we’re done, she and her brother and I are all going to be in great shape.

I’m trying not to beat myself up about not checking her blood sooner.  It would be unproductive.  I’ve been beating myself up for slacking off on their exercise for so long that she gained weight in the first place.  Now that I’ve corrected that, I don’t want to keep smacking myself around for anything else.  We’re on the right track after all.

Practically every day my friend and I chat about our upcoming trip to Hawaii.  So far, the things we know we really want to do all involve physical activity.  How cool is that?  We haven’t discovered whether our cruise ship offers Zumba, but I’m going to look when I board.  I’m also going prepared to snorkel a couple of times and we’re determined to zipline.  I love that when our travel agent suggests that we should spend some time just walking down the street along the park and beach in Waikiki I don’t reflexively flinch at the idea of walking.

I’m packing two bathing suits so that I always have one rinsed, dry and ready to go for the pool, the beach or whatever water adventure I want.

I dropped off the three large bag of purged clothes to the Salvation Army’s thrift shop.  When the woman came to the door  I told her I hoped that there were some plus sized women in town who could use some nice clothes.  She assured me that there are, so I’m confident that the garments will find good homes.

It’s weird how my perceptions continue to shift the further along I get with this journey.  Lately I’ve become hyper aware of the huge portions that are considered normal in American restaurants.  On the one hand, it’s great when I go out to eat because I’ll not only enjoy the tasty meal that night, but also the two or three times I heat up the remainder for leftovers.  On the other hand, I look at commercials for fast food restaurants, and my stomach gets queasy over foods I would formerly have chowed down on with gluttonous delight.  I don’t want to mention any by name but right now one is advertising a new cheeseburger on a pretzel bun.

I’m trying to cultivate that queasy response about fast food.  Honestly, fast food restaurants were always a big trigger for me.  Whenever I successfully dieted, I stayed away from them.  The day that I said, “I’m in a hurry.  Just this once,” usually sounded the death knell for that particular diet effort.  Decades ago, I’d go through a drive-thru and order two sodas so that the counterpeople would think I was ordering for more than one person.  Now, gratefully, I have no appetite for the value meals that I used to crave.  Sunday I was on a road trip with friends.  I’d packed snacks but we’d planned to have lunch together and our schedule ran late.  A fast food restaurant was our best choice.  It would have been easy to go with a small burger and fries.  Instead, I’m happy to say that I limited myself to a small chili with a side of apple slices.  Much better choices!

Did you know that there are trapeze schools?  A friend of mine takes trapeze classes in Boston.  I’ve seen pictures.  She looks great.  It’s a very safe activity, with the harnesses and safety lines.  It’s also good for working your core and for developing your arms and upper body strength.  Rather, if you want to progress through the trapeze class curriculum (Yes, the classes have curriculums.  Curriculi?  Whatever.)  you need to develop your arms and upper body strength.  My friend is working on her pull ups to boost her progress.

I saw her pictures and immediately thought, “What a cool thing to do.”  Now I’m on to, “What a cool thing to try!”  Yes, friends, I have now added trapeze to my promise list.  My friend told me that the company that runs her school, as well as other locations in several major cities, is planning to open a place in the next couple of years down here in the Keys.  Everyone sing with me now, “She flies through the air with the greatest of ease, the daring young woman on the flying trapeze.”

Is there anything you have on your promise list that you want to try someday?  Check in with us.


5 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Hope says:

    Trapeze school sounds like so much fun!

    If we go out for fast food, I get a happy meal. It’s just the right amount of calories for me. Which means that it’s probably waaaaay too many calories for a kid…

  2. June says:

    I took a trapeze class once. It was just the one class. It was extraordinary. Even though it is completely safe, it really get’s your adrenaline running. Unfortunately, I got tired after one or two tries so couldn’t really do the trick after awhile. We were working on swinging upside down. But it was wonderful and very freeing. I think it is an excellent addition to the list. Great for your core.

  3. Skye says:

    I’m so glad Pyxi can be so easily treated!

    The trapeze sounds like fun, especially as it is safety rigged. I never thought I would bungee jump but I did. I’d like to zipline. Right now my biggest goal is to erase several years of training in writing boring conservative resumes and replace it with my old way of writing interesting and visually appealing ones, which I need to catch attention at this job I want. I hope it’s still open by the time I’m through!

    After I get back to Seattle, I’ll start setting up new lists of things I want to do. Right now, this is the big one.

    I’d love to see you on a trapeze! The joy on your face would be contagious, I’m certain.

  4. Marti91257 says:

    Glad to hear Pyxi’s on her way to good health!

    When I first got divorced I made a list of goals, big stuff and little stuff ranging from going on a Ferris Wheel to getting my HS Diploma and more. I hung my list on the refrigerator and over the course of 10 or maybe even 15 years I checked them off, one by one. I still have that piece of paper packed in a box downstairs and when I hit a snag I remind myself about how far I’ve come! 🙂 The funny thing about making goals is that it tends to lead to making MORE goals! I can honestly say I’ve surpassed even MY expectations by achieving goals that I secretly dreamed about but never even wrote down.

    Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!

    • Mary Stella says:

      I remember that you had a thing about heights when we were kids, Marti. That you did a Ferris Wheel is impressive, as was your dedication to getting your diploma! You’ve come a long, long way.

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