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Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down

on January 5, 2013

Your support after my rant helped me a great deal, so I want to thank you again for being here, being part of the Weighty Matters community and lending your voices and thoughts.

I’ve had a great weekend.  I’ve mentioned the leadership program in which I’m participating and we just had an action packed two days learning about the Law and the Military participation in our community.  Allow me a shallow moment as I confess that I participated in some discreet ogling of very hot men in uniform.  I don’t care that most of them were young enough to relegate me to cougar status.  These men were definitely supremely ogle-worthy.

I shared in a comment on ReFab that, after the incident of Thursday night with the obnoxious man, I made a point to let it go.  I dressed for the first leadership day in a fun, comfortable, cute dress that I bought over the summer.  Because of the design, which has some patterned elastic across the midsection, it gets smaller as I do.  It was also a purple patterned material and purple is my favorite color.  The dress just makes me smile.  So all day on Friday I felt good, peppy and pretty in my fun dress.  I also, once more, was grateful that my reduced size and increased fitness mean I could do all of the walking we put in as we were given tours of the court house, old jail, new and big detention center and the Key West police department.

I wish I’d thought to start the pedometer app on my smart phone today because we trekked all over a couple of different places like the Underwater Operations Training area of the Navy base, the Coast Guard sector including a 110-foot cutter, and a few other places. May I also say that I have an even greater, deeper respect for the people who serve in our nation’s military.  We listened to a woman colonel who heads up the South command of a joint interagency task force that battles illegal trafficking.  Mostly drugs, but also arms, money, human trafficking.  Touring that cutter, we could see that the accommodations are sparse and the comfort level quite low, but people actually enlist to serve in the Coast Guard.  I am eternally grateful that I’ve lost so much weight.  I could not have fit up the very narrow stairway from the deck to the bridge.  I don’t think my knee could have taken the steepness on its own and it would have been damn hard to haul myself up.

Did you know that there are Adversary Squadrons in several locations around the country?  Their job is to train in the combat flight techniques and tactics of potential enemies.  Then, they play the bad guys in training flight missions so that our combat pilots can better learn how to successfully fight the enemy.  Pretty damn cool.

These are just a couple of the things I experienced.  It was a terrific, informative, interesting weekend and I enjoyed every minute.  I enjoyed it more because of the improvements to my body.   My head is crammed with info and mentally, I’m exhausted.  However, if I wasn’t in much better shape, my body would feel broken tonight and I’d have already knocked back a good dose of an OTC pain reliever.    Instead, I’m relaxed and a good kind of tired.  Tomorrow, I’ll bounce out of bed and go for a bridge walk.  You really can’t keep a good woman down!

4 responses to “Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down

  1. Cathy M says:

    What a fun day you had. Congratulations on doing the work necessary to become the person able to do all those physically challenging and rewarding activities. Did you know that the Weather Channel had a program on the Coast Guard in Florida? I’m not sure if it is still being shown, but it featured the Coast Guard Stations in Marathon, Key West, Clearwater and Miami. It was really interesting and you got a sense of the vastness of the Gulf and the Atlantic coastal waters.

    • Mary Stella says:

      I haven’t seen the show but I know of it. According to the commander, the USCG for the Florida Keys patrols an area roughly the size of the state of Florida. Wow! They also participate in drug interdiction as far away as Honduras.

  2. Skye says:

    That sounds terrific! It’s so fun learning “in the field” as opposed to just a classroom setting. I’m glad you had a good time and were able to appreciate how the changes in your body made it easier to appreciate the day. And I say go you for the discreet ogling. Getting older doesn’t mean dead! We should always allow time to appreciate beauty. 🙂

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