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Eating While Traveling

on December 23, 2012

Friends, I remembered to pack everything but my snack bag with its cheese wedges and peanut butter.  This is my fall back when I’m on the road and need to eat something every couple of hours.  I left the bag in my house instead of throwing it into my carry on.  So, while on the road yesterday I had to improvise and accept that protein was not going to be readily available exactly when I needed it, so the option became minimizing damage while still getting some fuel into my body, even if that meant more carbs than I would otherwise have chosen.

I had to leave the hotel for the airport before they set out the free breakfast which usually has some eggs.  I picked a small blueberry muffin and ate half of it.  The airport at 6 a.m. was a completely chaotic, packed mess.   Even though I arrived a couple of hours before flight time and had checked-in online so I had my boarding pass, it still took a full hour plus to get to the counter to drop off my bag and then even more wait time for TSA.  (No “groin anomalies” this time so I didn’t get pulled for a full pat down.)

Luckily, my flight was delayed by half an hour but even then the line to get any food other than doughnuts was too long.  We boarded, took off, and I perused the snack menu.  This airline needs to offer something with protein, IMHO.  At least on JetBlue you can get real cheese.  I settled for a mix that included nuts and picked out enough almonds to satisfy my hunger.

Once I arrived, I had lunch plans with my aunts and a cousin.  My South Jersey home area is known for many, many things.  Those in the know, know that we are also the place for the world’s best subs.  (Known as hoagies and grinders in other parts of the world.)  It’s a tradition that when we get together for lunch at the holiday, subs are the menu.  Honestly, cold cuts are cold cuts.  The secret to the best sub in the world is the bread.  Right, so why am I glorifying a sandwich because of the bread that I shouldn’t be eating?  Hey, being successful with my eating does not mean completely and forever depriving myself of the foods I love.  I think that I handled it pretty well.  I cut a very small slice of the sub and ate it.  I took another small slice, removed the protein sources and ate them, but in an act of supreme compliance, did not eat the second piece of bread.

After a lovely few hours with family, I hit the road for a couple of hours to spend time with another friend.  When I checked in to the hotel, the staff offered me fresh fruit or a warm, chewy chocolate chip cookie.  I chose the apple.  My friend and I had dinner plans and opted for a local Italian place.  Before we went, I was very clear with myself that I needed to focus on a quality protein at the meal.  That’s what I did, with a yummy chicken sorrentino.  My friend and her mother will no doubt enjoy the other half of the entree that I, of course, couldn’t finish.

We did some last minute holiday shopping afterwards, avoiding the hectic malls and finding good stores in separate shopping plazas that weren’t crazy at all.  Between that experience and the earlier trekking around the airport, I feel like I got in some decent walking.

This morning, I ordered in some eggs for breakfast.  Really too huge a portion which means that, sadly, a lot is wasted but I got in protein that I needed.  I have a little time and think I’m going to pull on my sweat pants and walking shoes and go log at least a half an hour on the treadmill down in the exercise room.

So, the last 24 hours weren’t perfect for me foodwise, but I think that I did the best that I could.  Overall, my food intake wasn’t horrible.  Not every day is going to be perfect, but each day can be as good as I can make it.

How are you all doing in the season of holiday eating?

2 responses to “Eating While Traveling

  1. Skye says:

    I did okay the first night with my eating, but yesterday when we went out to Greek food I ate all the food and felt my stomach be large and tight afterward. The food was fabulous but I regretted not eating just half of it. At least I didn’t try and add dessert!

    I’m not doing my usual exercises every morning because I want to get up and interact with my hosts and be involved and because I don’t have the same kind of space to interact in. We did get some walking in yesterday, and I hope I can walk at my next friend’s house because today is making cookies and making beef stew and going to a party. I will not be surprised if I gain back a few pounds, but I am not going crazy with the food in general, especially the sweets. I’ve only eaten TWO of the spritz cookies so far! 🙂

    I do look forward to getting back to my exercise routine, but I hope to bring a bit of a food routine back with me that involves cooking.

    • Mary Stella says:

      It sounds like your doing okay, Skye. I’d have a hard time behaving around Greek food too. My approach is to do what I can and be gentle with myself.

      I did time on the treadmill today. Later when I met up with family we took a good walk around the town before a light dinner. I have plans to Zumba on Wednesday and know that we’ll do more family walks. All things considered, I’ll mostly be on top of the exercise routines.

      I hope you’re having fun on your trip!

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