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Holiday Eating

on December 8, 2012

My week is slowing down a little, I think.  I did several errands this morning, but they were fun and now they’re done.  I’m taking a break before I go outside and put up some holiday lights.  Tonight’s the annual Holiday Lighted Boat Parade and it cruises right by my house.  So much fun to watch!  I always string lights around the porch to make my house a little festive.  I also got out my tree and can either set that up and decorate today or do it tomorrow.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

‘Tis definitely the season.  Like most holidays, there’s a lot of food and eating associated with the time of year.  I’m experiencing a mix of emotions over this component of the season.   A lot of joy and happiness, a pinch of resentment, a big chunk of determination, and a dusting of wistfulness.

Food should not be such a big issue, but it is.  It always is, so my resentment is two fold.  I resent that food has so much influence on my emotions at the holidays and, to be completely honest, I have some anticipatory resentment that I will not be able to eat everything I want in selection and in quantity.

I never claimed that an eating disorder was logical and reasonable.   It’s insidious, destructive, and a pain in the ass.  However, it is not all powerful unless I give it permission.

So, I’m doing my best to be vigilant and remember what’s most important about holiday eating.  Here is the rock bottom truth:  Holiday eating is not different than any other eating.  It’s not special or magical.  Food is food, whether dressed up for Christmas dinner or served any other of the 364 days in the year.  I don’t need to overeat or eat lots of crap to celebrate and enjoy a holiday.  In fact, I can celebrate even more if I succesfully eat on my plan and don’t overeat.  I don’t have to deprive myself completely.  There are certain treats that I honestly enjoy and that I can still have without pigging out.  That’s my plan for holiday eating.  Eat on my plan.  Allow myself the occasional treat.  Do not deprive, but don’t overeat.

Damned if I’m going to ruin my holidays by letting myself get out of control.  I have a lot to celebrate this year.

2 responses to “Holiday Eating

  1. Egads says:

    Holiday eating is not different than any other eating. It’s not special or magical.

    So very true. Thanks, I needed the reminder.

  2. Skye says:

    You sound so certain and in control; you really seem to have the upper hand with your eating disorder! Your thoughts make a lot of sense and I’m going to take some of them with me when I go to my friends’ for the holidays because there will be lots of holiday food here and there and I get that feeling of deprivation, too.

    You do have a lot to celebrate this year, and a lot to be proud of as well. You can do this.

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