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on November 22, 2012

In a short while I’ll pull out the ingredients to make up the “dinner” drink on the detox cleanse plan.  For those of you who haven’t seen the Dr. Oz thing, there are three different drinks consumed each of the three days.  All have combinations of fruit and vegetables along with other ingredients like coconut water, coconut oil, almond butter, almond milk and flax seed.  Not all of the ingredients are in each drink.  The recipes vary.

The morning drink was pretty and good.  The lunch drink was very green and, holy wow, a lot!  Even spreading it out with sips over an hour I couldn’t finish it all.  My stomach just won’t handle the volume, despite it being liquid.  Four stalks of celery, half a green apple, a cucumber, a cup of pineapple and some kale — even liquified, that’s too much.  I finally gave up and put the rest of it into the fridge for tomorrow.  Tonight I’m going to reevaluate the ingredients and see if I want to do slightly less than the amount called for.  I might even leave out the quarter of an avocado since avocado is not among my favorite foods.

So, for today, I’ve had two cups of green tea and two healthy, generous smoothies.   I could have had three at this point since we’re allowed an afternoon snack smoothie but, honestly, I wasn’t hungry.  I’m sure that I’ll be satisfied with the dinner drink.  Calorie wise I’ll hit around 900 for the day and, unlike the way that I usually eat, I’ll be higher in carbs and sugar because of the fruit, and lower on my protein.

In no way would I plan to follow this for any more than three days.  I need more protein.  However, it is a detox cleanse so that plant matter has a job to do.

I went to Zumba class this morning, which means that I’ll pretty much be at a net of 0 or negative calories for the day too.   I probably should have consulted the doctor before deciding to try this but, again, three days aren’t going to kill me and if it ultimately does my system good and resets my metabolism, so much the better.

Here’s the key thing that I realized this afternoon when I was savoring that green smoothie.   I wasn’t obsessing about these drinks and being limited to them for the entire day.  I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t experience cravings.  I didn’t sip smoothies and fantasize about grilled rib eye or crisp, perfectly salted french fries.  I didn’t dream of turkey, stuffing, mashed rutabagas, gravy and pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

When I realized that I wasn’t obsessing, I immediately wondered, “Why the hell not?”   I am pretty motivated to follow my food plan and move ever closer to my weight loss goals.  However, on a daily basis I experience either physical, mental or emotional cravings for foods that are definitely not on the plan.  That happens on days when I have more choices.  If I bring yogurt to work for lunch, invariably I wish for something crunchy, crisp and savory.  If I prepare that perfectly seasoned, grilled piece of rib eye for dinner, I can’t help but think that a baked potato would go great with it right then.

So why was today different?  I’m not done pondering, but here are some possibilities.  I geared up for this detox.  It was a big switch from normal routine.  I got it in my head last week that I wanted to do it, even talked about it with a friend, and planned it out.   It’s kind of like last January, two weeks before my weight loss surgery, when I had to go on the “full liquid” diet.

What’s similar about the two events?  The only things I can think of are that they’re both liquid plans for set amount of time.

Maybe this is why the recent weeks of my “normal” food plan have been more challenging.  I’ve been following that plan for several months now and whether it’s boredom or something else, I don’t wake up every day with the same “Let’s do it” attitude.  This is disturbing since I still have a good chunk of weight to lose.  Now is not the time to slow my progress.  I know that, eventually, I’ll transition to a maintenance plan where more carbs are included but, until then, I need to be vigilant.

Further pondering reminds me that it’s also normal for the super fast pace of weight loss to slow a little as the body grows more accustomed to the routine, so I shouldn’t beat myself up about this.  Goal-motivated people need rewards and if the returns have diminished a little on my effort, it’s harder to maintain the super motivation.

Here’s my happy realization for the day.  I can still do it.  Clearly if I’d lost all drive and desire, I wouldn’t have gotten through today.  I’d have grabbed a cracker or piece of cheese or something.   So, I’ve learned something important that reassures me because, honestly, I was getting a little worried.

Maybe in addition to cleansing my body, these three days will also clean my head.  If I can gear up for a three day liquid smoothie detox, I can gear up again for a protein-loaded/miniscule-carb food plan.   When I’m back to eating meals and not drinking them, I’m going to remember that I absolutely can resist cravings and stick to the plan.  The motivation switch has not toggled to “Off” in a locked position.

3 responses to “Observations

  1. Kathrin says:

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  2. Skye says:

    The detox sounds interesting; I’ve never done such a thing. I also don’t get enough protein on a regular basis, according to My Fitness Pal. I think it’s a wonderful thing that you haven’t had cravings while you’ve been on the detox diet. Good for you for finding your motivation and your drive again! You sound back to your get-up-and-go self, too.

    • Mary Stella says:

      I usually eat 60-80 grams of protein a day, as instructed by my doctor. That’s why I start with a quality protein shake on most mornings. I can kick off the day with 28 gms. Greek yogurt is a good source at lunch too.

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