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A Month of Gratitude

on November 2, 2012

I was reminded yesterday on Facebook that last November I participated in a month of gratitude.  Every day, those of us who took part, posted about something for which we’re grateful.

I’m a big believer in the power of gratitude.  Finding things to be thankful about, even in the worst times of my life, has helped me cope and get through the trouble.  I started doing this in 1998 when my mother was terminally ill.  She had lung cancer, then suffered a couple of strokes.  The stroke damage triggered a seizure disorder.  The cancer metastasized to her brain.  When that happened, we knew that there was no hope that she’d survive.  In a phrase, it royally sucked.  Sometime during the year, I heard about Sara Ban Breathnac’s Simple Abundance and the technique of keeping a gratitude journal.  Every night before I went to bed, I searched for five things from the day about which I could be grateful.  Sometimes I really had to dig, but I always found things.

The process kept me from falling into complete despair.  I knew that I had to keep going.  Mom needed me to be strong and take care of her.  Holding gratitude in my heart for blessings large and small kept hope alive.

So many years later, I have a full, wonderful, happy life.  I still remember to foster gratitude and to thank my Higher Power daily for blessings large and small.

For November, I’m again going to post daily about the things for which I’m grateful and pick something different every day.  If you’d like to join me, it’s only the 2nd.  There’s time to catch up.  🙂  I’ll include my daily gratitude item here in my daily posts.  Feel free to leave your post in the comments.  If you decide to do this on your own blogs, please let us know.

Yesterday I posted that I was grateful to enjoy a walk with my dogs on a bridge with a beautiful view.  (I’ve never posted on my personal FB page about my surgery.  All of you here know how significant it is that I can actually enjoy walking anywhere.)  Today I posted that I’m grateful my loved ones are safe and their homes were spared in the storm.  They’re dealing with inconvenience but it could have been so much worse.  I’m also grateful that I live in a country where we will rally and help those whose homes and towns were ravaged.

What are you grateful for today?

5 responses to “A Month of Gratitude

  1. Hope says:

    I’m grateful for my sister moving back to the East Coast because it meant I got to spend this weekend with her.

  2. Today I’m grateful to have a few minutes in a Starbucks with a computer at 7% so I can catch up a little on all the interwebs I’m missing. I’m grateful my house is fine, although cold, I’m grateful my family is fine, although getting a little cranky. I’m grateful to know that in one or two or five days I’ll have power back in my house and can post my month of gratitude.

  3. Skye says:

    I’m grateful I have the money to pay my expenses while I look for work.

  4. […] my friends and fellow writers, Mary Stella and Liz Flaherty are celebrating November by naming at least one something they’re grateful […]

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