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On the Upswing

on October 28, 2012

It’s rare that I let a few days go by without a new blog post.  Sorry for that.

I finally decided that last week was just a crap fest and gave up fighting.  On top of how I personally felt emotionally and physically, we then contended with the brush-by effects of Hurricane Sandy.  We were never in the “cone of doom” and this big ass storm still sent us winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour and drove the lunar tides up high.  Friday afternoon we needed to close for the afternoon for safety’s sake.  I came home with the headache-that-wouldn’t-quit and the aching back and took a two hour nap.  Amazing how a good nap can set a person right.

So this storm gave us some problems at work although, thankfully, nothing too horrible and nothing at all as bad as what is already happening up the Eastern seaboard.  I’m extremely concerned for my friends and family up north.  I’m from the southern Jersey Shore area originally and the island where I grew up, as well as neighboring ones, are all under mandatory evacuation.   I’ve checked in and family and friends on the islands have gone places, hopefully, safer.  Other family and friends are spread out from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Cape Cod.  I’m walking around with a knot in my stomach.  Oddly enough, I’m more concerned about all of them than I usually am for myself when a storm is heading for the Keys.  That might be because preparing for storms is second nature to us down here.  The need doesn’t arise as often for my loved ones.

To all of them and to all of you who are either in the path of Hurricane Sandy or who also have friends and family in the same situation, be safe, be well, good luck, and big hugs and prayers.

I did say I was on the upswing, didn’t I?  I am.  Really.  Storm anxiety aside, I’ve enjoyed a relaxing weekend, including a lot of time with the dogs on my porch which is nice even with gusty winds.  My food intake was good.  I exercised with a three hour Tai Chi workshop, pool dancing, and other activity.  I enjoyed working on assignments for class and writing.  I napped.  I even made a pot of homemade French Onion soup.  Life is good.

It would have been easy to cave into the ick of earlier this week and keep eating.  Honestly, any excuse will do if I let my compulsions get the bet of me.  I’m not perfect and I’m certainly not cured.  The est that I can say is that more times than not I’m able to put it aside and remember that I don’t want to do that anymore.  I want to be the person who eats right and makes healthy food and behavior choices.  I want to resist temptation and compulsion and keep losing weight.

Along with the relaxing, I checked-in with my heart, head and gut.  I think I’ve gotten myself right, am shored up against the diseased thinking and actions.  Onward and upward.  That’s why I say that I’m on the upswing.  It’s so much better than a downward trend.

2 responses to “On the Upswing

  1. Hope says:

    We’re safe! Don’t worry about our prep – I’m married to a mountain man. 😉

  2. chrissy bush says:

    Thanks, Mary, for your honesty, your help, your perserverance, and your inspiration. Can’t even put into words how it makes me feel, how it helps me to read your words. Keep writing, my friend, keep being YOU. I am soooo glad you are you! Best always, Chrissy

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