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A Little Stalled

on September 29, 2012

The scale number is not moving down as quickly as I like.  How spoiled we so quickly become!  I still lost weight this month, but “only” six pounds.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t make myself crazy about the rate of weight loss at this point.  I’m sticking to that promise.

Really.  I’m not making myself crazy.  I’m annoyed.  It’s a subtle difference. 🙂

If I’d been letter perfect with my food, the slow results might make me a bit nutty. However, I know that I’ve been a little shady here and there and not sticking 100% to the plan.  Ergo, I’m pissed off at myself.  If I don’t do what I’m supposed to do, I can’t expect the results that I want.  Simple logic.

I have a choice.  Keep going the way that I am and be satisfied with slower progress, or embrace myself with tough love, be more structured with my food plan and achieve faster results.

There are always choices.  Eat this, not that.  Exercise or don’t.  Be honest with myself or live in denial.  Look at a situation with non-judgmental openness or beat myself up emotionally.

Today I’m striving to look at the options and choose those that are healthier.

Above all, I choose not to bullshit myself.  I can live with the fact that I will not always be perfect.  Sometimes I will willingly choose the less healthy option and I’m okay with doing so — occasionally.  I want to be aware of what I’m doing at the time and not indulge in self-delusion.  So, no bullshit.  No denial.  Honesty, clear vision, and clear thinking serve me better.

We don’t have Tai Chi practice on Saturday mornings for the next few months so instead I got up and went to the 9 a.m. Zumba class.  I’m excited that for most of the next several weeks I’ll be able to do two Zumba classes a week.  I really do see and feel a difference in my body from this program.

After a salon appointment for color-cut-wax, I hit the supermarket and stocked up on appropriate, healthy food.  I need to break my cycle so for at least a week I’m going back to mostly full liquids.  Protein shakes, Greek yogurt, smoothies, soups.  I’m not doing this to crash diet, but to get my mind set in a more organized way and re-establish the healthier routine.  I remember from years of dieting that, sometimes, too many foods to choose from can mess me up.   It’s like I have too much to think about and my brain gets overwhelmed.

This week, I’m into K.I.S.S. — Keep it simple, Sweetheart.

This works for me.

3 responses to “A Little Stalled

  1. robenagrant says:

    I also suffer from the too many choices thing. In food, and in getting ready to go somewhere. : ) I’m going to take a page from your book, but instead of liquid I’ll do only fresh foods this week. Salads, fruit, veges, will get me back on track. I hope.

  2. Mary Stella says:

    Hmm. It appears that a comment that was posted here yesterday has disappeared. I swear that I didn’t remove it! I don’t want to say whose it was in case she chose to take it down, but if it happened because of WordPress, please repost! Thank you.

  3. Skye says:

    I understand how having too many choices can be overwhelming: happens to me, too. Making it easier on yourself will enable you to get back to your routine. I’m glad you aren’t going to beat yourself up for not staying completely on track: the beginning of the post sounded rather stern.

    I know you can get back on track. Just listen to yourself, how well you understand yourself. Plus, Zumba twice a week! It’s like a reward (and not everyone would see it that way, you know).

    How goes the dog-walking?

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