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Even Keel

on September 17, 2012

Today’s been stressful for several different reasons.  The first two hours at work were crazy, busy, and also funny at the same time.   I can’t begin to describe the series of events, it would take too long and you really had to be there, but at least instead of beating my head against the wall or ripping out chunks of my hair, I laughed about everything and motored through.

Tonight there was a fair amount of work-related annoyance and stress.  I bit my tongue, demonstrated admirable restraint and, again, motored on through.

When I got into my car to drive home, I checked my phone.  While I was at the function, a close friend called to say that her dog died.  We’d expected it, but it’s still sad and upsetting.  I feel doubly bad that I was so busy when she called so my support and condolences were delayed until I arrived home.

There are bright spots.  I managed to squeeze in a half mile walk with the pups, which makes me happy.  I’m counting down the days to a fun weekend away with friends and Springsteen.  All that, but here’s the coolest thing.

I didn’t eat over the stressful crap.  I didn’t veer off the road to the convenience store, looking for a pint of high fat, but delicious, ice cream.   I didn’t open the refrigerator and start pulling out a bunch of different things to gobble down and numb the upset.   Instead of letting the stress and shit get to me, blow me over, and send me off course, I stayed on an even keel.  Right after I finish this blog post, I’m going to treat myself to a relaxing bath before I go to bed.

Every time that I find another, healthier way to deal with stuff that used to drive me to overeat or eat compulsively, it makes me feel great.   It strengthens my recovery and helps me make even more progress.

2 responses to “Even Keel

  1. Skye says:

    Yay for you! You are doing so well. You sound so calm and strong in these posts and they just seem to get stronger and calmer, one by one. You’ve learned so much and you are putting it to use daily. Good for you. You are awesome.

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