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Moving Toward Joy

on August 28, 2012

Ironically, the day after I posted about pre-bariatric patients experiencing stress over their surgery dates, a friend of mine texted me.  Her doctor gave her a date in early October.  She’s excited and I’m glad for her.

I spent some time wondering about the genuine happiness I’m experiencing.  After substantial pondering, I realized that the reasons behind my reaction aren’t all that complex or unusual.  I know where I was this time last year, at the beginning of the journey, and the excitement and anticipation filling my heart.  Confirming the surgery date let me countdown to the actual date when my life would change forever.

Above all, I only have to look at where I am today with the remarkable, huge, positive changes I’ve experienced in slightly more than seven months.  From total despair a year ago to unfettered joy in today and boundless hope for the future.   Great things are within her grasp.

It takes a lot to overcome resistance and fear, make the decision and move forward.  It can be downright terrifying to consider giving up the comfort of our overeating security blanket.

I’m proud of her for facing the fear and not letting it thwart her determination.   Good for you, S.  Don’t let anything or anybody stop you from moving forward to your joy.


2 responses to “Moving Toward Joy

  1. kipper43 says:

    Thanks for all the brutal honesty and loving support. I have the best team anyone could ask for. Watching my husband get through lap surgery robotically, I see what my near future is about. Not the robot part the lap part won’t be too bad and he will understand the discomfort and will be able to help me. I have saved your journey and will read it again as my journey begins. Thanks again🐬

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