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Storm Success!

on August 26, 2012

The worst of Tropical Storm Isaac has passed.  All in all, it hasn’t been too bad.  The wind is still blowing some gusts and kicking up the waves, but I’ve seen worse with no-named storms.  I’m so happy that this was the case for my home, my workplace, and all of my friends and neighbors.   Now we all need to keep some good thoughts for people up in the Gulf Coast region.  Unfortunately, the storm could gain strength over warm water while it makes its way north.

So, I survived my first storm event post weight-loss surgery.  I’m happy to report that I did not engage in an all-out food and binge fest today.  Whatever underlying stress or anxiety might have lingered did not trigger me to go into nervous overeating.  I had my regular protein shake for breakfast.  My “mid-morning” snack was a half a piece of whole grain toast with a small schmear of low fat cream cheese.  (Nat & Pyxi split the other half.)  For lunch, I mixed up a fruit smoothie with non-fat yogurt, a little milk, and chunks of banana and strawberries that I’d frozen with a half scoop of protein powder.  I just realized that I skipped my afternoon snack because I dozed off for half an hour, but I just ate an early dinner of some leftover roast pork with mixed veggies and a forkful of rice.

The second cupcake is still in my fridge.  I took a forkful of the salted chocolate frosting just to taste but wasn’t hungry for dessert so I left the rest.

Can I just share how freaking amazing it is that I’ve had a cupcake in my house for an entire extra day and haven’t eaten it??  Does that sound strange to all of you that something relatively simple is, actually, freaking amazing for me?  I guess it might be difficult to understand for someone who isn’t a compulsive-binge overeater.  In the old, diseased eating days, I’d gobble down sweets just because they existed within reach.  Whether I actually was hungry didn’t matter.

While I am not yet perfect at controlling the impulse to eat food I’m not hungry for, I’ve improved a lot.  I win the battle over the compulsion more often than I lose it and that is infinitely better than I used to do when I had next to zero control.

I’m feeling a little bit of cabin fever now.  It’s still a bit too stormy to walk outside, so I’m going to do some more Zumba dancing.   I don’t expect to go into work tomorrow.  Management is only asking a small crew to come in to put things back around in the public areas so that we can open to visitors on Tuesday.  I talked to my friend who is one of the Zumba instructors in town.  Usually they have a 10:15 Zumba Gold class on Mondays.  If they hold one tomorrow, I’m going to take advantage of the chance to go.  It will be another way to celebrate my storm success!

5 responses to “Storm Success!

  1. Hope says:

    You know, just being at home with nothing to do often leads to me eating more than I should out of sheer boredom. Add in the storm anxiety and I think that you did amazing!

  2. Nan says:

    Good for you, Mary!! You’re my inspiration right now–I read your blog and gather strength for the weight battle that I’m currently fighting. Between you and Krissie, I’m fairly sure I can do this thing.

    Do you know the restaurant Hurricane Hole there in Key West? The son of a dear lake friend owns it. Just a 6-degrees connection. I’m dying to come down and see Key West, I’ve never been there before. Could be a winter Nan trip…

  3. Skye says:

    Glad you are safe and yay for you for not eating the cupcake! I’m not that far along yet, so I aspire to your level of control and healthiness.

  4. robena grant says:

    Thought about you today as I pedaled away on the indoor bike and watched the weather channel. So happy you are safe and well.

  5. Susanne says:

    Thanks for posting that you were okay — I was wondering how things went for you. And way to go on not eating the cupcake!!!


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