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Eating with our Eyes

on July 19, 2012

I’ve heard it said that we eat with our eyes before we taste the food on our plates.

I saw a commercial on television earlier tonight where they excitedly touted something called a Baconator from a fast food restaurant.   Maybe it was the zoomed in angle of the camera but it looked like two huge, glistening cheeseburger patties with sizeable slices of crisp bacon on thick rolls.  At first glance, I thought, “God that looks delicious!”  A split second later,  my stomach clenched and  I made a face at the sheer ginormousness of the overall sandwich.

This is a strange reaction to experience, given my earlier “the more the better” approach to food.   I never dreamed that one day I would gaze at something that I would ordinarily love and immediately salivate over and instead consider it unappetizing because of the big portion size.

Overall, this is a far healthier reaction and one that I plan to cultivate.  Less is best for me now.  I’m not saying that I wouldn’t jump at the chance to savor the Baconator — crisp bacon, melted cheese and juicy beef?  Come on! —  but it would have to be greatly downsized.  Even a Baconator Junior would be too much.  Maybe a Baconator the III would be small enough for me to enjoy without my stomach becoming so full that I had to throw up.  That’s pretty much a buzz kill.

Ever hear someone claim that they’re on a seafood diet – – they see food and eat it?  I’m really excited that my food point of view is changing in such a good, positive way.   Slowly I’m training myself to assess an appropriate amount of food instead of choosing too much.   In the grip of my disease there was never enough.  Now I’m learning that I can eat just enough and be happy.


2 responses to “Eating with our Eyes

  1. robenagrant says:

    I love watching your progress. Awesome!
    I don’t eat with my eyes but I do eat from memory. : ) There are certain favorite restaurants (expensive ones that I don’t often frequent) where I always order the same thing even though I tell myself on the drive there to try something new. My memory causes the salivary glands to start working and I walk in the door of the restaurant already drooling, and order my favorite. Happens every time.

  2. Skye says:

    Yay you! You are making so much progress! You are so incredible and so strong. I need to change my eating habits even more than I have. It’s sweets. Not only did I not lose a pound this week, but I put back on the two that I’d lost. So things are tight against. This is my overweight wardrobe. I have a wardrobe for just 15 lbs less than I am right now, a great wardrobe. Between eating sweets still and not moving nearly enough, I’m not losing the weight; go figure! 🙂 I know what I need to do. Doing it is tough. So is making salads.

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