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Shaking Up the Body

on July 9, 2012

My weight loss stalled for a couple of weeks.  As much as I know to expect these stalls occasionally, I’m only human.  I respond better to steady progress and get frustrated when my body doesn’t fall in with my plans.   Honestly, it isn’t like my body can say, “Sorry, Mary.  I’ll try to do better.”  Over the weekend I made the choice to stop worrying and getting annoyed with myself.  I was pretty active with all of the lifting of planters and big bag of potting soil, water exercise, walking around and shopping, etc.  I also decided that eating a few more carbs than usual wouldn’t torpedo my entire effort.  Nor would that glass of fresh white sangria at dinner on Saturday night or the truly delicious piece of Dove chocolate I allowed myself yesterday.

These little variations apparently pleased my body.  The weight is coming off again.  I’m trying not to obsess with the scale numbers, but I will probably check a little more often because the positive reinforcement of seeing steady loss again after a stall actually helps.

There’s something even more significant at play here that I need to acknowledge.  It’s important for me to note mental and emotional progress in my day to day recovery effort.  The fact that I can allow myself these little variations here and there and then go right back to the regular food plan is huge.  In the past, if I veered off of one of the multiple restrictive diets I followed, it could signal the end of whatever success I’d had to that point.  The smallest slip could set off a chain reaction and send me right back to full blown overeating and bingeing.

I’m really studying the difference between my experience now and past events.   Believe me the difference is significant.  That I can make a conscious choice when to eat “off plan” and when to get back on it tells me that for today my recovery from compulsive eating is strong and in good shape.  It’s all about actually being conscious and not blindly grabbing for food.  I feel really good about this tonight, but I’m also far from being complacent.  I’ll remain vigilant about my behavior around food at the same time that I celebrate the successes.

5 responses to “Shaking Up the Body

  1. Hope says:

    Go Mary!!!!

  2. Mary Stella says:

    “Making a choice is a power move” Skye, I love this statement. In fact, I’m stealing it for the next blog topic. (Hope you don’t mind!)

  3. Well, pretty much what Skye said! Particularly her last paragraph. And I want more porch pictures as it comes together!

  4. Skye says:

    I’m trying to be more aware of my food choices and my simple choices of whether or not to eat; sometimes my mouth wants but my stomach doesn’t. I don’t always make a great choice, but I do know that I am making choices and making a choice is a power move — it’s not helplessly being in the grip of compulsion.

    I’m also trying to move this awareness and choice-making into the rest of my life.

    I love what you are doing and your reporting of it. You make me think, which is always a good thing.

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