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Surround Yourself with Happy

on May 31, 2012

As I continue to spew sparkly rainbows, I also keep thinking about how many rainbows and bright spots I have around me. I’ve talked about positive support before, so forgive me if this post sounds like the same thing, but it’s really been that kind of day. I have a friend that I speak to several times a week. Whenever I give her an update on my weight loss, I can hear her applauding for me through the telephone.

At work, I give an update once a week and get high fives and hugs. Because I dropped several pounds over the last week and because I was away and out of sight for almost a week before, I think the recent weight loss became more noticeable. This creates more positive comments.

The positive reinforcement bolsters me up and helps me remain even more motivated to continue. The choice to follow my plan is mine to make. I believe I’d choose to keep on even without the great support, but I’m delighted that I don’t have to find out for sure.

Some people are comfortable living in drama and negativity. They act like lightning rods, drawing those energies closer to fill up their surroundings. I’m not sure what payoff they receive, but there must be something.

There are others going through genuinely tough times and struggling to find their happy.

I’m going to continue surrounding myself with happy, believing in my heart that this creates more. I want there to be an abundance of it in my life so that I can spread it around and share it with others — particularly those who might find their supply on the low side. Maybe happiness can be shared like seeds. Then someone else can plant the seeds they’re given, nurture them and, hopefully, see their own happy grow stronger.

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