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Celebrating Food and Eating Guilt-Free

on May 15, 2012

I had another solid day with my food plan.  I don’t think it’s possible to overestimate the positive effects of building a great day.  I’m choosing to celebrate how I feel right now because I’m fully aware this will help me bridge the effects over to tomorrow.

During the day, the food plan was sort of boring and uninspired.  Nutritionally sound, yes.  Fabulous, no, but I stayed committed.  🙂  I made up for it at dinner — not in amount of food, but in quality.  I’d made plans for a couple of good friends to join me for a porch sit.  I don’t remember if I’ve explained a porch sit before.  Basically, it’s just like it sounds.  My friends come over and we sit out on my porch and chat.  Usually we have some sort of food and wine while we enjoy each other’s company, conversation, and the view of the harbor.

While we normally get take out from somewhere, I felt like cooking so I ran out last night and got the ingredients for Gnudis.  (To read more about my discovery of these delicious treats, click here.)  Tonight after work, I took fresh basil from my herb garden, walnuts, garlic and olive oil and mixed up a fresh pesto as an additional choice to the marinara.  Add some spring greens for salad and crusty bread (for my friends, not me) and we had a light, tasty meal.

The process pleased me for so many reasons.  One, I love to cook.  Two, I love to cook and serve friends food then watch them enjoy what they eat.  Three, everything I made and served fit my food plan.   Not only could I enjoy the flavors in the immediacy of the tasting, but I didn’t have to deal with an aftertaste of guilt.

That’s how food and eating should be, don’t you think?  We should all be able to celebrate food for its deliciousness, the nutrition it provides, and the social and cultural aspects of preparing and sharing meals.  We should all also be able to enjoy the celebration without descending into crapitude afterwards.

All of my life, my relationship with food and how I used it was immensely dysfunctional.  Improving this connection is doing great things for me right now.  I’m relishing the positive changes.  All I need to do is follow my food plan and I can enjoy this feeling every day.

2 responses to “Celebrating Food and Eating Guilt-Free

  1. Mmmm, fresh pesto on fresh pasta. Mmmmm!

    I was thinking about you yesterday since I had a weird day where meals couldn’t happen when they should and I was wondering if you kept a little snack bag of nuts or protein bars in your car and at work in case you had that happen to you.

    • Mary Stella says:

      Well, actually, fresh pesto but no pasta. Gnudis are ravioli filling without the outside pasta!

      I keep supplies at work and travel with them. Laughing Cow cheese wedges and peanut butter to-go cups are helpful. I also just got some low carb/low sugar “to go” protein drinks that come in small bottles. Taste-testing one today.

      Thanks for thinking of me!

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