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Doctor Follow Up

on May 5, 2012

Yesterday was my monthly follow up appointment with my surgeon.  Blame that for me not getting here to post.  It takes me a little over 2  hours to drive to the doctor’s office in Miami.  By the time I got home yesterday evening after the round trip, I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open.  I certainly couldn’t muster the brain power to write.

Things went well.  I’ve lost around 73 pounds, depending on whether I use my scale or the doctor’s.   The doctor is really happy with my progress.  So delighted, in fact, that he now doesn’t need to see me again until August!  I really like this surgeon and his entire staff.  It makes me very happy that I can say that.  Really, when you think about it, nine months ago, they were strangers to me but I took the leap of faith and put my life and future in their hands.

Yes, my primary care doctor had experience with this practice, so it’s not like I closed my eyes and stuck a pin in the phone book listing of bariatric surgeons, but still.  When one is about to change her life forever and the first step is non-reverseable surgery, connecting with the surgeon in a positive way is important.   If the man had been a jerk when I first met him, I don’t think I’d have gone ahead — at least not with him.

One of the things that I like about Dr. W. and his physician’s assistant is that I never feel like they’re in a hurry or rushing through the appointment.  They sit down, ask me how I’m doing in general and then ask me specific questions.  They want me to stay healthy and be successful.  They’re very encouraging and supportive in their suggestions.  I also feel like they give me the straight scoop and don’t blow smoke up my butt when I have a question or concern.  I walk out of the appointments confident that I’m making solid progress in a healthy way and that nothing in my after care gets overlooked.

The doctor’s office is in the same building as a glorious Whole Foods.  I met friends down in the cafe and had a small meal from the W.F. yummy food bar.  I then browsed their fabulous array of other foods and made some selections to bring home.  Yummy herb-encrusted tenderloin, juicy and rare . . . a blackened, spicy chicken salad with chunks of flavorful meat . . . a spinach and feta “ball”.  I got the smallest portions and still have enough for five or six meals.  A little food goes a lonnngg way when you’ve had weight loss surgery.  Whole Foods also has a spectacular flower department.  I rewarded myself with a bright bouquet of red roses, rose-tipped yellow roses, sunshine yellow calla lilies, and daisies in complimentary colors.  I adore flowers and the bouquet sitting in front of me on the table makes me smile every time I look at it.

Every day that I get up, I work hard to follow my food plan and continue to make progress.  It’s important to reward myself for this effort in ways that make me happy and don’t involve overeating.  Delicious, healthy food and fresh, beautiful flowers are definitely positive reinforcement after such a great follow-up at the doctor!



5 responses to “Doctor Follow Up

  1. hoperoth says:

    Hooray for Mary! 😀

  2. Judie says:

    Oh my gosh, it will let me leave a comment today. I second or third the flowrs. Cograts on the weight loss. Congrats on the cognitive changes. Congrats on makin a new you!!

  3. Skye says:

    Yay on the great doctor’s report! Flowers are kind of like food for the spirit; I used to buy myself a bunch of flowers every week or whenever the existing flowers were ready to go in the trash bin. I think the intensity of their look plus the bonus of glorious scents can act as the kind of food that we overeat to try to find.

  4. I’ll second the flowers. When I’m feeling like I need a lift, flowers will do it. So glad you got a good report from the doctor and all is going well.

  5. robenagrant says:

    Absolutely. I often buy myself flowers. It’s such a loving thing to do. : ) Congrats! on the weight loss and the good Doctor’s report.

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