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Prayers Please

on April 23, 2012

Friends, I wish I could come up with something insightful or knowledgeable or helpful to say tonight, but I can’t.  Instead, I am asking for your help in the way of prayers, good energy, good thoughts, or whatever form this kind of assistance means for you.

One of my cousins was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident over the weekend.  She’s in a coma.  The doctors don’t have enough information yet to either give hope or dash it.  They just don’t know yet.

J is in her mid-50s, absolutely beautiful, fit, and vibrant.  She’s looking forward to the birth of her first grandchild in a few months.

There is no way that what’s happening with her doesn’t suck.

Since her sister called me with the news this afternoon, I’ve been struggling to hold it together.  Whenever I think about my cousin in a coma with her kids, my aunt, her sisters and her boyfriend suffering along with her, I have to fight to breath in and out.  My stomach aches like I’m on the tail end of a vicious virus.  I go from no interest in food to wanting to eat everything in sight, even if I throw it right back up again. . . but I can’t.  It won’t help.  It will only make things worse.

My sister-in-law knows me well.  Earlier this evening when she called to talk about J, she said to me, “Don’t go reaching for cookies.  Don’t sabotage yourself.”  I promised that I wouldn’t.  I haven’t.  I did eat a piece of chocolate that I had left over in the house, but it wasn’t a huge piece and it surely wasn’t enough to throw off my plan.  I ate a reasonable dinner on my food plan.

I thought about going to the store and picking up a pint of  ice cream but I stayed home and just had a snack of some almonds and walnuts.  It won’t help me or anyone else to fall off of the wagon and give into the old ways.

It’s a horrible situation, this accident.  The things that I’m feeling — upset, pain, worry, fear — are normal and to be expected.  I can’t afford to anesthetize myself.  If I numb those feelings, then I also numb myself to the things that I want, need to feel — hope, faith and belief in the power of prayer.

Diving headlong into a food binge will not help my cousin.  Hope, faith and prayer can.

Please share your hope, faith and prayers on her behalf.

Thank you.

10 responses to “Prayers Please

  1. Mary Stella says:

    Thank you, everyone!

  2. Rose says:

    I’m so sorry. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  3. pinkpelican says:

    I’m so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with your cousin, you, and your whole family.

  4. Mary says:

    Mary, I will keep you all in my thoughts. I’m so sorry this happened and hope she’ll be better soon.


  5. Prayers are with you and your family Mary Stella. Be strong, your life is important to many people too and you cannot help your cousin by backsliding. She will need your strength as she recovers. So many of us who have never even met you face to face have your back.

  6. I am so, so sorry, Mary. I will be praying for strength and comfort for you and the rest of your family and healing for your cousin. Continue to reach out and ask for help when and if you need it, and also, please keep us up to date on what is happening with your cousin. (((hugs)))

  7. I’m sending prayers, Mary, for your cousin and everyone who loves her. Sharing was the right thing to do. You know from the rooms that isolation is dangerous, so know that even if we can’t be physically with you, we are with you in spirit!

  8. Mary Stella says:

    Thanks, Hope and Susan. I’ve gotten through the evening without binging. I’m going to bed soon. My older cousin is going to keep me posted of J’s progress/developments. I wrote to my third cousin and also to J’s daughter to send some love and encouragement. There isn’t anything I can do for them up in Boston. Really, staying here and sending love and prayers is the best.

    I believe that people in comas can still hear us when we talk to them. I asked my cousin on the phone to tell J that when I come up to Boston in a few weeks for graduation, I expect to be able to visit her in the hospital while she’s recuperating. Hope and faith all the way.

    Thanks again. Keep up the prayers and good thoughts for her, please.

  9. hoperoth says:

    Oh Mary, I’m so very sorry. 😦 You’ll be in my thoughts.

  10. kipper43 says:

    Call me, or call someone who knows you and will listen to your feelings. You did the best thing so far by asking for help. Talking blogging has to help. It is not good to bottle it up. I believe in you and trying to take the pain away from your family that is experiencing first hand what your cousin is going thru is not going to help. Can you go help them? Can you write a letter and maybe tomorrow getting a card and send both to your cousin and family?
    I think last but not least, take your phone and read a book in bed. Stay away from kitchen.

    I am surely praying, and I will email you my cell phone number. I will listen and try to help. This is a mental challenge, not physical. You will be helping yourself and family by being strong and ready to jump if they need you. Go talk to the dolphins, besides You dog(s) they are second best listeners in the world.
    Love and prayers

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