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Road Trip Prep

on March 23, 2012

I’m going on an overnight road trip — my first away from home since I started eating solid foods again.  Before I started thinking about what clothes to pack, I thought about meeting my nutritional needs.  This is a big deal for me.  Road trips in the past were like an open license to eat junk.  Fast food burgers, fries, milkshakes while driving.  Big restaurant meals when I’d stopped.

I brought out a small cooler today.  It has cheese sticks, a “to go” single pack of hummus, a “to go” small container of peanut butter, water and a yogurt.  The hotel where I’m staying serves a free breakfast to guests.  I put protein powder in a shaker cup and know I can mix it tomorrow morning with skim milk at the hotel.

My friend and I can still stop for lunch or grab dinner and I’m confident that I’ll be able to select food that I can eat and enjoy.  In the meantime, I don’t have to worry about stopping for a snack and then wondering if I’ll be able to find something that meets my needs.  I’m ready!

I’m counting that as a Non-Scale Victory because I’m looking ahead and taking care of myself.

In other news, I’m now 8 weeks post-op and down 57 pounds.  Woot!

2 responses to “Road Trip Prep

  1. londonmabel says:

    woot tee woot on the weight loss! Good luck on the trip.

  2. pinkpelican says:

    Congratulations on your progress and on your planning ahead!

    My honeybunny & I frequently take weekend trips and quickly realized that fast food no longer worked for us, & that was previously our travel food of choice. Subway is something we can handle with flatbread, but it’s awkward to try to eat while driving, and we usually don’t want to stop for a sit down meal … we want to get where we are getting.

    Don’t even get me started on fast food breakfast offerings. Shudder.

    So … for our weekend trips, we’ll pick up some deli meat & cheese, and some kind of flatbread or wraps that roll up or fold over easily, and I’ll make us several little sandwiches that we’ll stick in the cooler. We’ll have that for our Friday dinner, and still have them available for any other meals we need to feed ourselves, especially if others in our party want to run through a drive through.

    Once I stopped worrying about eating “breakfast food” for breakfast, and just focused on making sure I have protein for each meal, I realized I could pack anything I wanted.

    We’ll also throw snacky things like peanut butter, hummus, crackers/pita, cheese, etc. into the cooler.

    Over all, it’s convenient, it suits our needs, we get to control what we eat, and it’s inexpensive.

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