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I Heart Bobby Dean

on February 19, 2012

I love to watch cooking and food shows.  I’ve learned a lot from them, too, like how to make an outstanding risotto from Ann Burrell or the importance of building depth of flavor in every dish.

You’d think this would be pure torture for me right now to watch dish after delicious dish being created and served when I’m still on a full liquid diet.  Instead, I’m doing research.  At some point I will again eat solid foods in drastically smaller portions.  I want to make the most of what foods I eat and find ways to maximize the flavor while cutting down on bad fats and high calories.

Right now, I have a new favorite show.  Bobby Dean’s Not My Mama’s Meals. He’s reinventing his mother Paula’s butter-laden dishs, incorporating different ingredients and cooking methods to make them healthier.   He had me at Greek Yogurt.  Right now, Greek yogurt is one of the foods I’m allowed to eat, but I don’t much like multiple spoonfuls of it plain — like chowing down on sour cream —  and I can’t yet mix in fruit.  So, I’ve experimented with stirring it into my soups to increase the protein count and the creaminess.

I got that idea from Bobby Dean.  It works great, adding texture and flavor.  I’ve been on broths, light cream soups and the like for almost three weeks.  My daily goal is to ingest 60-80 grams of protein.   Anything that adds additional flavor and protein is a keeper.

Just in the few episodes I’ve watched so far, I’ve picked up several other pointers on how to produce a variety of yummy dishes that will be healthier than the old ways I’ve cooked.

One thing that always sucked about diets was deprivation and I don’t mean in the amount of food, but in the taste.   I believe that, when you can only eat a little bit of food, what you eat better be good.  By desire and by design (my reduced capacity stomach), I will eat much less in quantity but ramp up the healthy quality.  That said,  I’m going to make sure that I enjoy every single bite.

Thanks, Bobby Dean, for showing me ways to accomplish these goals!


One response to “I Heart Bobby Dean

  1. Judie says:

    I like greek yogurt. I, um, even like it plain.
    I am a terrible cook, but it is fun to watch cooking shows.

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