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Plateau Over? Breaking Out of the Food Rut

Not only did I lose weight while on the cruise, but that trend has continued in the week that I’ve been home. I am cautiously optimistic that my lengthy plateau might be over! Here’s what I think has happened. While on the cruise, it’s true that I averaged three to five thousand more steps in physical activity per day and that burned more calories. However, I also ate a greater variety of food items without increasing the volume. I think it’s entirely possible that some of my plateau problems happened because I got into a food rut.

Almost every day I start with a fruit and protein powder smoothie. At lunch I often have a small container of yogurt or soup. Dinner is usually a meat protein of some sort. Snacks might be nuts or an ounce of cheese or fruit. That’s probably more fruit with fruit sugars and fruit carbs than I should have in a day too. On the ship, because the variety was so easily accessible, I ate more veggies, eggs, and other protein types. Yes, I had some additional carbs, but didn’t overeat on them. So, looking back on my food plan, I think I thought I was eating a good, balanced plan, and it certainly worked like a champ for me for many months. I believe that my body might have gotten too used to the routine.

Going on the cruise shook up the food routine. Since I’ve been back, I’ve made an effort to increase my veggie intake, cut back on the fruits, and incorporate more protein and fiber from non-meat/non-dairy sources. I’ve also, of course, kept up with my exercise. This appears to be working and I’m down another couple of pounds. Booyah for me!

If I can continue to see progress over the next week, then I’ll really be positive that my plateau is over and I’m proceeding full speed ahead toward my goal weight. I’m in the position of truly being in the home stretch, at least when I think of how far I’ve already come. I would dearly love to knock off these last 35 pounds by sometime this summer!

Have any of you ever experienced a food rut? Does this sound like a possible explanation?