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Getting Over the Sulk

Yes, I’ve been sulking ever since last Friday’s appointment with my weight loss surgeon. I’m a grown up, even if sometimes I give into slightly less mature behavior like sulking. At least today I’m willing to own it. I’m also setting a time limit on it. A week is more than long enough. So, the sulk indulgence ends as of now.

I have no further time nor energy to give to it. I have places to go, holidays to enjoy, workouts to continue and weight to lose. Is it possible to shift one’s attitude this quickly? Yes. It’s a matter of mind over emotions. I’m not going to invalidate the way that I’ve been feeling. As far as I’m concerned, I had a right to it, but I also know when I’m on the verge of tipping over into useless, even damaging, wallowing. When I rebel by eating inappropriately, I’m hurting myself. That is unacceptable. Not only will it hurt me in my weight loss efforts and affect my body, but I’ll begin to emotionally feel lousy. So, it’s time to shake it off and move forward.

I’m really looking forward to the holiday week in which I plan to see many family members and friends. Most of the planned get-togethers will include meals. For once, I’m not looking at these events as license to eat anything, everything, and as much as I want. I’m looking forward to the social aspects and the company and to eating good tasting food in appropriate amounts and balance. Food isn’t the focus. That’s what I need to remember.

For a full week I’ll be out of my regular routine. I’m a little concerned about keeping up with my 10,000 steps a day since getting around to see everyone will involve driving a lot. However, I can and will suggest some walks and will definitely have opportunities to pop in one of my workout DVDs. I think I’ll look forward to the challenge of keeping up with exercise along with everything else. That too I can embrace and enjoy figuring out a strategy.

I’m over the sulk. There are good times with people I love in my immediate future.

I may not blog as regularly, but I promise to do so as often as I can. In the meantime, I want you all to know that I wish you all the very best this holiday season. May love, joy, and peace be yours. Thank you for being part of my blog, my journey, and my life.

Holiday Card 2013