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Asking For Help

It’s sometimes the most difficult thing in the world to admit when we need help and then to reach out and ask for it.  Even if we are the type of person who would rush to help a friend, family member, co-worker — even a stranger on the street — we are often reluctant to say that we need support.

I’m horrible at it.  For so long I’ve been self-sufficient/self-reliant that my go-to position is to do for myself.  I think there were also a number of years when I didn’t think I was worthy of help so I wouldn’t ask.

It took more than you know for me to start reaching out to the online forums.  First I had to admit the need to myself.  Then I had to go here and elsewhere and talk about what’s going on and ask for suggestions, advice, support.

Here’s the irony.  Making the ask actually makes the whole process easier.  It’s like it removes a barrier between myself and others.  Admitting that I need some help opens the door to support.  In a 12 Step Program it would connect with Step One – Admitting I am powerless over food and my life has become unmanageable.  That then leads to Step Two  – Came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity.  Define the greater power as you will — it can be different for everybody.

I’m really glad that I went back to ObesityHelp.com.  I also joined a closed group on Facebook for Compulsive Eaters.  I wrote a good friend and asked for support.  I’ve read some great posts in response.  They’ve helped.

Admitting powerlessness and saying we’re in trouble is not a sign of weakness.  It’s a sign of strength.  I actually feel stronger now as a result.  My determination this morning was really strong.  I’m now about to go to bed and I’ve had a really great day of recovery with my food and eating, my exercise (5500 meter row in 40 minutes), and my mind, emotions and spirit.

Every long journey of recovery begins with a single day and proceeds one day at a time.

My lesson for this is to remember to ask for help when I need it.  I have allies.  Their support can help me on my journey.


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