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Feeling a Little Whiny

My leg hurts.  Throbbing and aching, it’s stiffer than usual.  I hobbled back to my medicine cabinet for some OTC pain relief and also rubbed it with arnica gel.  I’m going to get an ice pack and move it around to the different places on my leg where I need relief.

This is annoying and, like I said, it hurts.  I don’t enjoy sitting around in pain.  Who would?  I’m also at a loss to explain why it’s bothering me so much tonight.  I had an active day, but not much more than I have most days.  I went for a six to eight mile bike ride this morning followed by a short walk with the dogs.

As I said in yesterday’s post. I’m putting my house back together.  Part of that task involved me renting a rug cleaner today to deep clean a couple of area rugs that were filthy.  Honestly, I should have cleaned them eons before now.

I’ve never rented a rug cleaning machine and done the process.  It wasn’t all that difficult, just time consuming.  Even though you go kind of slow, it also takes more energy than expected.  Still, it wasn’t like I had to run laps while cleaning the carpets.

After I cleaned the rugs, I hung up more pictures, dusted, and put a bunch of books back on my bookshelves.  I then loaded the rug cleaning machine back into the car and returned it to the home improvement store.  From there I drove up to my storage unit to haul out my Christmas tree and holiday decorations.  One quick stop at the supermarket and then I came home.

I unpacked the groceries, left the holiday decorations in the car,  came inside and all but collapsed 0n my sofa.  I was absolutely exhausted.  Unfortunately, I knew I couldn’t just stay reclining with my feet up, but I rested for the first quarter of the football game and then pushed to get some more stuff done.  It took a while but I finally was satisfied with the amount of work I accomplished for the day and felt like I could stop.

Before I settled in for the rest of the football game, I peeled, chopped and sauteed some veggies and put together a soup that needed to simmer for an hour.  Then I stretched out again and elevated my throbbing leg.

The soup — a parsnip/apple/peanut butter concoction — was delicious.  My team lost their football game.   The checks are written for my bills.  My carpets look so much better.  The load of laundry I did is finished except for folding and putting away the clothes.  The house is neat and clean.  And…. my leg still freakin’ hurts!  So, I’m going to finish this blog post, take another does of pain relief,  get out the ice pack and sit around with my leg up.

If need be, I will also continue to whine.  The dogs don’t mind or, if they do, they’re not sharing that opinion.


Ready, Aim, Eat!

A good friend stopped into my office today to chat about food. Specifically, she was having issues about food today in that she had all this good, healthy stuff available but wanted something completely different. It was really bugging her because she wasn’t having a bad day and couldn’t identify anything that was triggering the desire to eat something else.

I’m an excellent person to come and talk to about these things because I so totally, completely, and indisputably “get it”. I know from food triggers. I also know what it’s like to have the desire to eat inappropriately when no triggers exist or if they’re so muffled that I don’t realize that something actually did trigger the reaction.

I also don’t try to fix the problem. Honestly, there isn’t anything to do that can fix it. Sometimes you just have to cowgirl up and ride it out — unless it’s one of those times when you can allow yourself a break and eat what you wanted. Still, it’s nice to have someone around that you can share with, complain to, or just whine with. I’m happy to be there for my friends. God knows they are there always for me.

This same friend and I had a different conversation last week after I complimented her on how her fitness and eating regimes were really paying off. She had on a snug cut tee shirt that really defined her waist and I could definitely see how much she has slimmed through that area. (Let me note that my friend is not obese nor even greatly overweight. She wants to lose about 10-15 pounds.) When I complimented her, she immediately disagreed, which is something that I often do. We talked a lot about how it’s almost a reflex for us to refute the compliment, probably because we don’t see the progress in ourselves the way that others do. We agreed that we’re going to call each other on that habit if we do it again. So, from now on, if someone share a photo or pays a compliment, we’re going to smile and accept it as valid. This is so much healthier than having a knee jerk dismissal of a positive observation.

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